The Team

Meet the team:


Amanda is a stalwart of Feline Cat Rescue, her Luton home is an open door for adoptive cats, strays, foster mums and potential adoptive parents, not to mention her own three children!

Amanda took over day‐to‐day running of the charity when founding members stepped down. It wasn’t always an easy thing to do, and she might not have stuck at it had it not been for the tireless support of the volunteer team who share her own passion, and the load, when things got tough. The ringleader, Top Cat if you will, of Feline, Amanda doesn’t spend a single day not in the pursuit of caring for the lost, hurt and unwanted cats of this world. She likes nothing best than switching the FCR hotline off at the end of the day, getting under the blanket with hubby, a cup of tea and a clutter of warm cats purring in her lap.


Dawn is one of our busiest and most active foster mums. It’s likely that she’ll be the one to answer your call. Dawn has been fostering in Luton for Feline since 2008, and quickly became one of our key volunteers.

Dawn spends her days checking on and collecting reported strays, taking our foster cats to the vet for check‐ups and operations, organising door‐knocks where cats have been lost or abandoned, or as a public service where there have been feline diseases reported in the area. When there’s a difficult cat that spits and scratches, she’s the one we call! A mum as well, Dawn’s son is an honorary foster carer, and at 9 yrs old is at least as knowledgeable about cats as the other foster mums. Dawn finds taking care of kittens sometimes heart‐breaking when they don’t survive birth, but she welcomes all mischievous adult cats to her home.

In addition to inside pens she has a purpose‐built pen at the back of her house allowing her charges to have both inside space and fresh air for playtime. Dawn’s own cats are called Current and Colt.
We also have a group of wonderful foster mums, many of whom have been helping us for years. In addition to the foster mums we also have volunteers who help with fund raising etc.

If you think you could find time to help us then please see our "Can We Help?" page and get in touch.

We are always grateful for any help and support