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What we are looking for in fosterers

The primary role of a fosterer is to provide a temporary home for cats or kittens that are in need of care whilst they are waiting to be rehomed.

What this involves:

  • To provide a safe environment for cats and kittens while they are in foster care.
  • To feed, water, provide litter and maintain cats and kittens as appropriate; this may include administering medicine at times.
  • To take photos and write short descriptions of the cats in your care for our website and Facebook group to advise potential adopters about their character, and what home would best suit them.
  • To talk to potential adopters about cats in your care with the hope of rehoming them.
  • To enable potential adopters to visit your home to meet the cats in your care with the hope of rehoming them.
  • To keep records of intake forms, rehoming forms, donations as part of the adoption process.
  • To keep accurate records of any expenses incurred, via receipts and expense forms to be completed and submitted monthly.
  • A car is desirable as taking cats to vets, attending fundraisers, or collecting incoming cats from families who can no longer look after them is part of the role.
  • To attend our fundraising events. We often hold stalls at events to raise money for the charity, so you may be asked to man the stall with us when you can, do activities with children, and to transport games, raffle prizes and other fundraising items.

Experience / skills / knowledge /
personal qualities required

  • Experience of caring for cats is essential.
  • A suitable environment for caring for cats is essential. In reality this may simply be your home, but some people may have additional spaces that are well suited or adapted to home cats indoors or outdoors in pens, spare rooms or conservatories.
  • Patience and understanding – you will have to deal with situations or people at times that are sad or frustrating, but you must be tolerant and helpful regardless of personal feelings. Many people have a genuine reason for being unable to take care of cats any longer need support and understanding.
  • Communication skills – you must have moderately good English to be able to write good descriptions of cats – you will be representing the charity both in written form and face-to-face at times.
  • Talk to your family and ask for their support. Fostering is a commitment and caring for animals will inevitably impact on those around you.
  • If you have existing animals they must be neutered unless there are medical reasons why they cannot be.
  • Ability to make decisions on suitability of new homes based on your knowledge of the cats in your care. FCR won’t give cats to people that we suspect can’t take care of them, and sometimes have to remove cats from homes if we believe it to be in the cats’ best welfare.
  • Make sure you are allowed pets where you live!

What you will receive

  • Cats and kittens to look after!
  • No cost to you, apart from your time and love – we pay for food, litter, petrol expenses.
  • Ongoing advice and support from the other fosterers.
  • Some basic ad hoc supplies for bedding, toys, pens etc if required, though you are encouraged to source your own if you would like more.
  • A sense of satisfaction and reward!

NB: Feline Cat Rescue has a rule that no new fosterers may permanently adopt a cat in their care in the first year of fostering. Fostering is not to ‘Try before you buy’.

If you would like to talk more to someone about fostering, please contact Amanda on 01582 732347 and she’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.